Why You Should Choose A Magnolia Home Over A Site Build One

In 1987, Karen Garner (an original Memphis citizen) decided to do something new with her life. By being a woman she knew what women wanted from a house and decided to build or convert homes into her version called the Magnolia homes. She further describes how the name came into its existence by saying that “to give the homes a unique look n feel we decided to put a Magnolia tree in front of every home that we built”. So as the time went she gained lots of reputation from the community and in 2000 her son the Reggie Garner also came up with his own innovative ideas such as the ceiling designs and outdoor fireplaces for instance.

Now while Karen was more likely an interior designer her son on the other hand was an exterior designer. Together they both built homes that are unique but also expanded the business as the time went on. And according to their latest statics, they build around 60 homes per year all over the country including (magnolia Texas homes, etc.). And another great advantage of having these types of homes is that if you have to move in to somewhere else suddenly then you can order them to move the house to your location. And according to experts not only they look great in comparison with others but the cost is also a bit less.

And these days not only one but are hundreds of contactors out there country wide but magnolia tx real state agents seems to be the one that is leading others anyway. And when it comes to purchasing magnolia Texas new homes one apparent advantage the customers can have is that, thanks to the competition among the builders there are usually a lots of designs can be found to choose from within very competitive price tags. And some models which are built around 2006 such as the 34002 bar r Blvd one for instance are still among the most favorite ones. The customizations can also be applied according to your needs such as different types of flooring for instance (wood, hardwood, tiles, etc.) And for appliance things such as vacuums, washers, dryers, etc can also be pre customized. And as mentioned before these magnolia texas based manufactures have a lot of exterior features to choose from too. Things like garage (over size, middle size, etc) or patio designs can be customized according to your preferences.

And another benefit of going for these magnolia Texas real estate based builders is that they are more familiar with the surroundings already (including weather conditions, natural surroundings, etc) and as a result usually they’ll do a better job matching the garden and the house thus making them more “aliened” with that specific area but at the same time making your magnolia real estate house look unique which is one of the main needs that we want from a home. But please remember that as mentioned before if you’re moving to a new area and need your house to be moved but depending on the magnolia tx broker or the manufacture it’ll take several weeks before they can finish it. So it make sure to let them know within certain time frame.

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