Writing skills seminars now added to I-TermPaper.com menu of services.

There is an ancient saying: if you give a hungry person a fish, you feed them for a day; if you teach them to fish; you feed them for a lifetime. I-TermPaper.com’s goal as a custom writing company is to accomplish more than just writing on behalf of our clients; Now we can help customers at every level of writing skill improve their own abilities. I-TermPaper.com is offering online seminars geared to filling in the instructional gap which we clearly see exists. Students enter university, and new workers arrive on the job needing more skills, and we are here to teach them, step by step, using real-life subjects, documents, and sources. This educational program augments I-TermPaper.com’s existing menu of services of writing model essays, editing, and research.

Writing well for our customers is our business, but we can also help our customers become more confident, competent writers themselves. I-TermPaper.com now offers online seminars on writing basics and the refinements which distinguish a winning proposal, A+ paper, resume, cover letter, or power point presentation. This service further expands our world-wide service in editing, writing and research.

I-TermPaper.com sees many smart enthusiastic students enter college equipped with a less than perfect command of expository writing. Some also lack some sophistication in searching out and properly using reference documents. The causes are as manifold as the students themselves, including language barriers, inadequate school preparation, and learning differences. Similarly, job recruits struggle to write clearly and persuasively. Otherwise well-qualified persons miss out on achieving all they can.

I-TermPaper.com’s seminars cover critical topics such as organizing expository essays, smooth transitions, correctly paraphrasing, summarizing, and documenting sources, understanding assignments, determining source credibility, varying sentence structure and vocabulary, as well as basic grammar, if needed. Participants submit their own problem documents and then watch, point by point, the editing process, with analysis, explanation, and Q&A, by I-TermPaper.com’s professional writers. The seminar also addresses writer’s block, and research challenges. The participants look over the shoulder of an experienced writer via shared screens as the I-TermPaper.com staffer takes on a topic, searches databases, refines the topic, creates an outline, and begins drafting, all the while modeling optimal research practices and offering hints and tips for future projects. For those who can’t participate in real-time, screen shots of the process are available with audio recording of the writer’s commentary.

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