Honors Newest Staff PhD: Now in All Major Fields – Benefits Clients

It was celebration time at recently when another colleague acquired the honorific of ‘Doctor’. Although not the first by any means, our co-worker’s achievement means that, we now have PhD recipients in every major field of study on staff. This is a great bonus for our clients, who benefit from the depth of scholarship in our writing team. has been supporting our employees in their pursuit of higher degrees for years now. As a result, a crop of advanced degree diplomas already adorns our walls. They have shared their challenges, their ideas, and their triumphs during their journey. The cutting-edge concepts that current doctoral students wrestle with certainly keep the lunchroom conversation exciting.

Our most recently awarded PhD in Chemistry is rather a landmark, because we can now say that has representation in all the big disciplines. This means that the level of writing in every subject area is ‘kicked up a notch’. These highly educated folks also set the standard for rigor in research, attribution, and precision.

Although we applaud our colleague enthusiastically, we also remember the accomplishments of the other employees who have slogged away at finishing an advanced degree. There is more information on previous academic achievements of our colleagues at our website,

About Us:

Here at, we support education in all its aspects, for our employees, as well as for our customers. Our writing team supports clients academically in all subjects, and with the varied projects that instructors assign these days. Whether from academia or from one of their other disparate backgrounds, writers, and editors are totally committed to helping customers achieve their own heights.

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