Bobby Fischer has appointed a new lawyer to assist in his fight against his Japanese “kidnapping”.

Chess legend Bobby Fischer has appointed Ms. Masako Suzuki, a specialist in immigration-related cases.who studied law in the United States as legal counsel to assist him in his fight against his “kidnapping” by Japanese Immigration authorities. Ms Suzuki will be filing documents in support of Fischer’s appeal to the Justice Ministry by Monday, after having negotiated an extension from the original Friday midnight deadline.

Fischer had not wished to appoint counsel, but acted on the advice of his supporters to try to protect his rights in the face of his continuing “unlawful detention.”

The appointment of counsel follows the rejection of Fischer’s initial application for a provisional release. Fischer had applied for release with the backing of Japanese former Vice Foreign Minister Ichiji Ishii, a friend who came forward to act as his guarantor.

Temporary immigration detention in Tokyo’s Narita Airport can last up to 60 days and provisional release in the early part of that period is highly unusual. Nevertheless, Fischer’s new lawyer is filing another request for a provisional release citing additional grounds, including a complaint that the airport jail in which Fischer is confined allows smokers access to cigarettes all day, sickening Fischer, who is 61, a nonsmoker, and has already complained of a lack of fresh air and sunlight.