Carnival Cruise Ship Strikes Pier in St. Kitts

January 30, 2010 (by Horatio Algren) According to reports the Carnival cruise ship Miracle struck a pier in St. Kitts on Thursday, while docking damaging the 2,124 passenger ship. The accident resulted in a 15 foot gash along the hull of the Miracle close to the waterline of the ship, according to reports.

According to Carnival Cruise there were no injuries during the accident and the departure of the ship has been delayed, while the damage is repaired. The ship was scheduled to depart St. Kitts on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. and arrive in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday morning.

The departure of the cruise ship from St. Kitts has not been determined, and authorities from Lloyds Classification Society have been notified and are in St. Kitts. The repairs were being done and expected to be completed Friday. The Carnival Cruise Line stated that the damage has been repaired and the ship is scheduled to dock in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday approximately four hours later than originally scheduled.

According to Port Zante officials stated the ship departed with temporary repairs that were completed on Friday, on the forward port side of the ship adjacent to the crew cabins. Port officials also stated that there were 2,178 passengers and 914 crew members onboard the cruise ship Miracle at the time of the accident.

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