Compacting Database Can Cause Corruption – Tools Available to Recover Access Files Data

Madrid, Spain, March 4, 2010 – Access database corruption can happen due to many reasons. One such reason is the use of Compact Database method to convert the database version. There are software tools available to Recover Access Files under such corruption circumstance.

Compact Database is a useful feature of Access that helps to compact database size by using unconsumed spaces. It is helpful to create free space for more data. Large databases take larger time to open, whereas a compact database occupies lesser space. Many users use this method for converting an earlier version database to a later version database, which can cause corruption. This problem occurs when people use Compact Database method instead of the Convert Database command, present on the Tools menu, to convert a database from a previous version.

There are tools available to recover Access files data after such corruption occurs. One such tool is SysTools Access Recovery software. Version 3.0 of this software has been launched, which will be very helpful in fighting Access data corruption caused after compacting database and to Recover Access Database contents. This version can be purchased at the same price as that of the version prior to this.

About SysTools – SysTools has been persistently serving users across continents with its simple and intuitive software products for different data related aspects. With such constant serving, today it has maintained a great name in software development market. SysTools Access Recovery tool is one of the many unique software products developed by the company. This software can be used to recover Access files contents from corrupted databases.