Get Smart: Russell McVeagh: Actively Investigating AI & Machine Learning Technologies

Software technology for lawyers


russellmcveagh_banner1Technology is rapidly changing the way we live, work and play. The pace of technological change is unprecedented and there is no sign that the pace will slow down.

Our clients are facing new business challenges and disruption due to technological innovation and we are prepared to help them through these challenges.

Disruptive technologies, including blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, telemetry, asset tracking, machine learning, use of big data and robo-advice, are shifting the landscape of industries and the companies that make use of them.

At Russell McVeagh, we have developed legal expertise across our Technology and FinTech practices to ensure we are able to advise our clients on both the wealth of opportunities these new technologies promise, as well as new challenges in regulation and enforcement these new technologies will bring.

While we have made considerable investment in this area we are aware that it is only the beginning of transformational change over the next few years. As a leader in this area, Russell McVeagh is helping to shape the NZ FinTech agenda through membership in FinTech NZ and the wider New Zealand technology alliance of NZTech.

No One Immune

No profession is immune from technological disruption, including the legal profession. We at Russell McVeagh are embracing modern tools and technologies to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Our firm also has a dedicated Innovation Committee, focused on keeping abreast of new technology

In 2016, Russell McVeagh completely re-engineered our approach to collaboration and mobility byrussellmcveaghopen-plan moving our Auckland office to an open plan environment (which followed on from our Wellington office’s renovations in 2014) and deploying state of the art mobile technologies to ensure that our lawyers are able to serve our clients flexibly and securely.

Our firm also has a dedicated Innovation Committee, focused on keeping abreast of new technology. The Committee is focused on how our firm might use new technology to evolve, and potentially disrupt, our own business model, as well as identifying solutions for our clients to undertake their own legal functions more effectively and efficiently.

We see this as a developing part of our relationship with our clients so as technology is applied to problems in new ways, solving our clients’ problems will be central to our deployment of this.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, machine learning, are already changing our world and we are actively investigating ways to use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to bring insights and efficiencies to our client offerings in the near future.

While there is a lot of hype about how the legal profession will develop with technology, our firm views this as a way for our advice to become even more cutting-edge, reliable and of even greater quality.

The Right People

Technology is helping us work in new and exciting ways, but the best tools are of no use without the right people applying the tools.

A key part of our firm’s culture is that we hire creative and adaptable thinkers who bring fresh ideas and inspiration to the complex problems faced by our clients. Our client relationships are incredibly strong because we combine smart people, amazing technology and passionate advocacy to get results.

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