Why Justin Bieber Resists Jail Video Release

Why Justin Bieber Resists Jail Video Release 2

Justin Bier’s DUI problems have lead to a Justin Bieber privacy issue as he fights Florida police attempts to release images of the Canadian star urinating in his jail cell.

Bieber faced his problems after his DUI arrest and the Miami police have released a video showing the popster being frisked at the police station, but the more embarrassing one is the video that evidently shows his private parts – not exactly the sort of Justin Bieber video shot he would want going viral.

The TMZ site quoted a souce saying:  ‘Justin is seen several times stumbling around while he was taking his tests. As if he had a problem with his balance … [the video] also shows Justin taking his various tests and eventually taking a piss.

‘The stumbling and going to the bathroom is obviously reason enough for his attorneys to request it be sealed … If I was trying to paint a picture that my client was innocent … I wouldn’t want a video of him stumbling around and looking out of it to go public either.


This isn’t the first time that Beiber has been caught urinating in an inappropriate place. 

The singer was filmed last year peeing in a mop bucket at  New York City restaurant – for some reason saying ‘F*** Bill Clinton’ at the end of the clip.

The video released last week shows Bieber being frisked by Miami police after he was taken in for CUI, drag-racing and driving with an invalid license on January 23.

Putting on a typically confident display, the 19-year-old singer can be seen strutting around as he follows the officer’s orders.

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