Keeping Art And Culture Alive in Michigan

Keeping Art and Culture Alive in Michigan

With the current economic climate in Michigan, art and culture has been on the back burner for

many. That is not the case for the entrepreneurs who created Budding Art Ideas. Diane Bennett and

Joy Naylor have a passion for art that extends over the 20 years they have been working as Interior

Designers and Art Consultants. Hosting Art

Workshop Retreats is the latest of their successful endeavors to help bring art to the forefront in


If you are an art professional or an art enthusiast, this is the place to come to develop or enhance

your skills. Fiber Art, Pastel, Photography, Oil Painting, Watercolor, and many more mediums are

offered and taught by top professional artist instructors from all over the country. The hosts have

worked hard to bring in the most talented, creative, and fun instructors in their areas of


To make these 3 and 4 day Workshops even more exceptional, the hosts have selected the perfect

venue. The University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens is the backdrop for these art retreats.

With over 200 acres of natural beauty it doesn’t get much more ideal for the creative process to take

place. Be it plein air painting by the pond, or working on screen printing in the classroom with views

of a greenhouse, nature surrounds you.

Budding Art Ideas is promoting the Arts in Michigan by creating this retreat opportunity. They are

inviting anyone with an interest in art to come to Ann Arbor and experience their diverse Art Workshops. This Michigan art gem is rich in

beauty, creativity, and definitely enjoyment.

To learn more about Budding Art Ideas visit their website at

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