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This was first introduced in 2005 and an IRC model, the paramount is one of the favorite selections because of the “portable” availability. So if you’re a resident in magnolia tx or anywhere else, the location wouldn’t matter since it is movable. But it is advisable however to contact the dealers near your location to reduce some cost (for instance if you’re searching within the magnolia texas real estate then some featured names are Deer Creek, Canyon Crossing, Sunrise Meadow, etc are just a few to name).

As the name represents (magnolia texas new homes) in the past it was somewhat limited to Texas but not anymore. Thanks to design features such as IRC for instance, no matter wherever you live, you can just pick the one that you like the most and it will be transported to your desired location. But as said earlier depending on the destination try to pick a home builder (a trusted on of course) who is near to your location and getting a help from an agent is also can come in handy. And for those of you who are looking for cheap magnolia texas new homes, you can even use some of their internet based auctions as well.

There are few benefits of choosing a magnolia home (IRC modules – International Residential Code) over the site built ones. One is that the cost per square foot is lower than those that are built over sites. And the other is that they are transportable. Meaning you can simply visit a magnolia tx real estate agent or can come directly to a manufacture and choose the one you like (with your own customizations of course). Then they’ll build it according to your preference and will transport to your desired location. Although there are many reasons why they cost less but one apparent reason is that, since all the equipment and other materials are directly purchased through the manufacture and no need to transfer it to the location first (as the case with the conventional site built one for instance) the cost is lower.

The paramount series include 5.5 roof pitch, oak cabinets, 8” coffered ceilings, light fixtures, carpeted floors (including some minor upgrading features, etc) are available as the main specifications. As with the Ultra series this also comes with R-21 high density walls, front exterior doors (made out of half glass and insulated steel, etc), live load rated roof (with 45 lbs per square), vented fans in bathroom, utility room, lighted ceiling fans, exterior door porch light, etc. The kitchen sink is 4” (steel lavatory) which is not only wide but also has built in features for dealing with drain overflows, etc as well.

Anyway, magnolia Texas is somewhat smaller part of the Texas state but because of the magnolia tx real estate business it has become one of the main centers for some of the magnolia house builders as well. The house models actually depend on the manufacture, but when closely observed models such as paramount, ultra, majestic, elegant, etc are seem to be like the most preferred ones anyway. The paramount series however is the second best option since it is the one next to the luxurious Ultra series. Here are some of the few main features in a brief.

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