Martha Stewart’s lawyers cite perjury charges against a witness as the basis for a new trial.

Lawyers for Martha Stewart submitted new court papers yesterday urging a judge to grant her a new trial, citing the perjury charges filed against a Secret Service ink expert who testified for the government.

Robert G. Morvillo, Ms. Stewart’s lawyer, asked Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum of Federal District Court in Manhattan to at least hold a hearing to determine when prosecutors learned that the ink expert, Larry F. Stewart, might have committed perjury, and whether they should have known sooner.

The papers were submitted as a response to papers filed by the government last week urging Judge Cedarbaum to reject a bid for a new trial.

The government has accused Mr. Stewart, who is no relation to Ms. Stewart, of lying in testimony that he took part in ink testing of a stock worksheet that was a crucial piece of evidence at the trial.

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