Melbourne police have swooped on a Melbourne home following a series of gangland slayings in recent months. A criminal lawyer is among those being questioned, according to sources

Police swooped on a Melbourne home today and are believed to be questioning the man targeted in an abortive underworld hit last week.

At about 8am this morning police arrived at the Brighton home of Mario Rocco Condello. He is believed to have been taken into custody.

Mr Condello was the alleged target of a foiled underworld hit on Wednesday last week for which four men were arrested, including accused drug trafficker Carl Williams.

Another man, criminal lawyer George Defteros, was also believed to be have been taken for questioning at the same time.

Speaking outside Mr Condello’s Brighton home, Detective Inspector Andrew Allen, the head of the Purana taskforce investigating the underworld killings, said two people were being questioned but no one had yet been arrested.

Detective Inspector Allen said the two were being interviewed at the St Kilda Road police complex.

Ten Purana officers were searching Mr Condello’s property this morning, including the garden and family garbage.

On Wednesday last week, police conducted a string of raids across Melbourne, including in their arrests two men outside Brighton Cemetery near Mr Condello’s home.

Two loaded handguns, walkie-talkies and a can of petrol allegedly were found at the scene.

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