OSHA 10 Hour Trainings – Enroll Today and Save up to 42% on Bulk Purchases

Indeed, the discount coupons have started to roll in. OSHA has made it much easier for each and everyone of you to stay safe and healthy. There are no more excuses! Make safety your number one priority. Rush now! Enroll your self in one of the leading OSHA safety training courses and save nearly 42% on every bulk purchase. Where safety and health are concerned, money has no bounds.

Is it too good to be true? Absolutely not! These discounts are a special feature of the OSHA 10 Hour Training Courses. OSHA has spent years, emphasizing on the importance of health and safety. Hence, these discounts are just another way of emphasizing on the key role that safety plays in our lives. Why should money be an obstacle to health and safety?

Whats truly amazing is that these courses are completely online, thus they do not alter the daily routine of a person’s life. Furthermore, training is imparted in an informative, interactive, practical and relevant manner. Overall, this extremely beneficial course is now within your reach. You can and you must enroll today, if you want to reap its insurmountable benefits. OSHA has given you the power to make your work environment a safer place to work in.

Present below is a list of the bulk discount packages currently available. The rate of the discount co-relates to the number of students enrolled:

* 1-4 ($295.00/course)
* 5-9 ($280.00/course)
* 10-19 ($265.00/course)
* 20-49 ($250.00/course)
* 50-74 ($235.00/course)
* 75-99 ($220.00/course)
* 100-250 ($205.00/course)
* 250-499 ($175.00/course)
* 500-749 ($150.00/course)
* 750-999 ($125.00/course)
* 1000+ ($99.00/course)

Furthermore, OSHA has also been offering great discounts known as “Quick Buys”. In other words, if you enroll today, you can save and learn how to live and be safe. Present below is a list of “ Quick Buy” discounts:

1.The OSHA 30 hour Construction Course – $189.00
2.The OSHA 30 hour General Industry Course – $189.00
3.The OSHA 10 hour Construction Course – $89.00
4.The OSHA 10 hour General Industry Course – $89.00
5.The OSHA 10 hour Construction Course with study guide – $135.00
6.The OSHA 10 hour Spanish Construction Course – $105.00

Only you have the power to make your life a safer place to be in and the OSHA 10 Hour Training Courses can help you make that happen.

About the Author
The Online OSHA 10 hour Trainings are constantly updated and are in tune with all of OSHA’s standards. They are a 100% online. Finally, they are practical, interactive and informative.For further details contact: http://www.osha10hourtrainings.com

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