PST Splitting Is Now Simplified

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 12, 2011: SysTools re informs the users about the ability of the PST splitter tool to perform the PST splitting process in a simplified way. The split PST process is carried out with simple steps so that even a novice in the field can perform the process.
Evan Swans (Director, Product Development, SysTools Software Group) says “All our products are updated so that the user’s can perform the process with minimum effort and time utilized. The reliability that our products offer will be the same even after any changes added. The PST splitter will definitely help the user with simple and advance steps that it exhibit in splitting the PST into fragments”
Outlook PST splitter helps in the perfect process of split large files so that the 2GB and more sized files will be divided and also by the process to split Outlook archive, the process will cover the whole area wherever it is needed to split2GB PST files.
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