The Scottish Independence Knife Edge

The Scottish Independence Knife Edge 2

The 300 union of Scotland and the UK is a knife edge affair with two new polls indicating the vote to remain with the UK is a wafer-thin width ahead of the desire for independence.

The race is so close that pundits are finding it hard to call while British politicians have attempted emotional pleas to have the vote go their way (see David Cameron’s plea in the video below), as the September 18 referendum edges ever closer.

Pollster Opinium put pro-union voters at 53 percent, compared to 47 percent who are pro-independence, Huffington Post report. A Survation poll, commissioned by the official pro-union campaign Better Together, similarly found supporters of staying with the U.K. leading supporters of Scottish independence by 54 percent to 46 percent.

However, a survey by ICM Research found the opposite split: 54 percent for independence versus 46 percent for the union. Polling expert John Curtice noted that ICM surveyed fewer people than the other polls did, and he said its findings should be “viewed with caution.”

Yet another poll, by Panelbase, found pro-union voters ahead, but by a smaller margin than its last survey: 51 percent to 49 percent, down from 52 percent to 48 percent a week ago.

All the poll results released excluded voters who said they were undecided. Turnout for the Thursday referendum is expected to be huge, with 97 percent of Scotland’s adult population now registered to vote.

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