St Louis Bankruptcy Attorney Opens St Louis County Office

St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney Charles (Guss) Markwell of Markwell Law, LLC is pleased to announce that he has accepted a new position on behalf of the firm as “Of Counsel” with the Law Firm of Fendelman, Floodman and Associates, LLC, located in the Olive Corporate Center at 9666 Olive Blvd. Ste. 690, Olivette, in St. Louis County Missouri between Lindberg and Hwy 170. Markwell Law, LLC practices primarily in the areas of Bankruptcy, Debt Defense, Criminal Defense and Litigation.


Currently located in O’Fallon Missouri, in the WingHaven area, Markwell Law, LLC has been in business since 2010. Prior to this, Markwell practiced in the Seattle Washington area since 1999 focusing his work in the areas of Felony Defense and Debt, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, most notably with the Firm of Mazzone and Markwell, Lawyers. Markwell, originally St. Louis County said, “It is good to be back near my home, where my clients are my friends and family, I know these folks personally, not just as case numbers, they are me.” Fendelman Floodman and Associates, LLC focuses its practice in Collections, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning and Family Law.

“The move and relation with Fendelman, Floodman and Associates, LLC will be a great move for all involved,” said Markwell. “It brings together diverse specialties in similar areas involving debt, litigation and collections. This allows the participants in that firm a well rounded approach to these issues, bringing different perspectives to the table for the client’s best interest.”

Currently, the firm of Fendelman, Floodman and Associates consist of James Fendelman, William Floodman, Randy Abrams, and Brian Glazer. Craig Redler and Guss Markwell serve with the firm as “Of Counsel”. Having opened a new location in November of 2012, the firm serves the greater St. Louis area, including clients in both Missouri and Illinois. Markwell Law can be reached by phone at 636-486-1093, or on-line at

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