The Cavalio Luxury Flooring Range and What It Can Bring

When it comes to refurbishing either a professional or personal space, one of the biggest decisions to make is which form of floor you’d like to have fitted. Perhaps you’d love to take advantage of red brick? Or maybe you’re more of a carpet person? Whatever your tastes may be, you can be sure that one option will suit them all: Cavalios’ Luxury Vinyl Flooring is becoming more and more popular amongst interior designers, and for a variety of good reasons:

Flexibility – Because of the nature of the material, vinyl flooring is one of the most customizable floorings that can be found anyway. Able to be shaped to the specification of the designer, it can be used to display anything from a company logo to a simple wood-like pattern. Literally, when it comes to using this variety of flooring, the possibilities are only limited to your own imagination.

It’s Resilient – As well as being very effective at reducing noise, the ‘give’ that vinyl flooring naturally possesses means that it can take impact (such as things being dropped) far more effectively than wood or ceramic tiling, making it ideal for avoiding those little accidents! Whether you’ve got a rather clumsy spouse who tends to drop heavy things, or simply loves to do DIY rather more than you wish they would, Luxury Vinyl Flooring will take everything that you’ve got to throw at it with a minimum of visible damage.

It’s Durable – If you’re seeking a long term investment, then it’s a great choice purchasing vinyl due to it being far less susceptible to wear (generated by heavy foot traffic for instance) as well as dirt and general mess or stains. There are few things quite as unbefitting as the general wear and tear of life, and vinyl will be able to withstand mother nature far more than most other flooring materials.

It can suit all forms of design – Because of it’s fully customizable nature, vinyl flooring can combine it’s functionality with any form of finish you desire. Whether you’re seeking a floor that imitates clay tiles or you’d prefer a warm mahogany wooden finish, luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect choice. Everything from an outdoor Spanish-style kitchen to a luxury Georgian tiled bathroom can be accentuated with the wonder that is a vinyl flooring. It’s a tru jack-of-all-trades, but a master of all.

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