Tips for the Next Generation brings you many beauty tips and makeup tutorials for your hair, your skin, and particular tips for makeup application. Whether you are looking for simple tricks for your daily makeup or preparing for a big party or any sort of special occasion, has tutorials that will benefit you.

Many women want to look attractive and capture the attention of friends or perhaps that cute guy. Our makeup and hair tutorials aim to educate and entertain these fashionistas and help them achieve the beauty they have always dreamed of. Visit us online and find what you have looking for.

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Not only does our site provide makeup and hair tutorial, we also provide how-to videos to show you what makeup or hair look suits a particular occasion or your looks and personality. Our experienced and industry-trained experts, such as Ash Kumar Henna, give personal demonstrations to show you how to look your very best. Furthermore, we share many other videos from other makeup gurus to help you look and feel the best that you can.

On our site, you will find Christmas makeup guides and information, a series based on the new and popular movie New Year’s eve, glamorous Christmas party makeup tutorials, fun spring inspired looks, and shared videos from the most popular YouTube makeup gurus.

Whatever you are looking for, clearing up your skin and covering your blemishes, creating an enchanting eye look, finding that perfect pout, or hiding a long sleepless night, visit our and check out our tutorials. With the help of our professionals, your blemishes, dark circles, and discolorations will be no more. You will be ready for any SPECIAL occasion. These interactive and exclusive watch-and-learn tutorials aim to make Canadians as well as people worldwide more beautiful.

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Through, you even have the platform to interact with our experts and professional to have your beauty-related questions answered. Our website allows you to make posts with your questions or requests, or to leave comments so we can create videos better suited to you.

Furthermore, we hold contests for our users to show off their own talents. We are currently running an event searching for the trendiest girl or guy in our hometown Vancouver called Vancouver Street Style. Participation is encouraged and there are many great prizes to be won!

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Don’t forget to also check out our “Seasonal Features” section to find many hair and makeup video tutorials inspired by certain holidays or seasons. Among these tutorials you will also find exclusive interviews from our experts that will give insight and details into their areas of expertise.

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