Top Classified Software Version 4.0 Released

Top Classified Software Version 4.0 has officially been released. We have added many new features and improvements to the new version. Checkout out our demo or view screenshots.

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Top Classified Software is a turnkey classified ads PHP script for online classified business. Its easy to install, full control (with Visual Editor), Paypal integration, Google maps integration, Management System and many more features. With Top Classified Software you can create online classifieds website such as cars and auto classified, phone classifieds, DVD classifieds, real estate ads and more.
Here are just a few of the major features and improvements.
Classified Ad Approval
• Option to approve ads automatically or hold for approval
• Admin alerted when new ad entered or existing ad changed (when option set to not auto approve)
• Users can see if ads are approved or waiting for approval.
Contact Seller form
• Captcha coded to combat spammers
• Seller’s email hidden for security
Banner Ads
• Copy code from Google AdWords or other advertising program
• Turn banners off by removing code
• Placed in optimum locations for greatest exposure
Dynamic top and bottom navigation
• Turn links on and off. Let you easily create secondary pages
• Select to show in top or bottom navigation, or both
• Arrange order links are displayed
Affiliate program
• We created an affiliate program for you to make money recommending our software.
• Easily enable or disable affiliate link in footer in admin settings
• Enter your affiliate ID in text field
Currency display
• We added the currency codes and symbols for all countries
• Easily change by drop down selector
Complete Street address
• We added street addresses for classified ads
Automatic remove ads and pictures
• We created a function to remove old ads and picture automatically
• You set how many days old ad must be before removing
Country – State – City selector
• We created a user friendly country, state, city selector
• Choose a country, only states from that country are shown
• Choose a state, only cities from that state are shown
• Helps keep your site’s ads consistent
Language selector
• Reads any language files in language directory
• Easily choose which language you want
• Create new language files and upload
Template selector
• Reads template directories
• Easily choose which template you want
• Create new templates and upload
Templates converted to CSS
• Converted hard coded HTML elements to CSS
• Easily change look of site with CSS changes
• Easy to create new templates
• Made site load faster in browsers
Edit user’s classified ads
• Admin can now edit and delete user’s classified ads
• Easily upgrade ads
Fixed and Updated
• Entering Google Analytics code in ‘Statistics and Counters’ section – fixed
• Google maps displaying complete address – fixed
• Reorganized CSS into sections
• Consolidated settings options on one page
• Made pictures in category and search pages link to classified ad
• Copied social sharing buttons to classified ads detail page
• Multiple word search – fixed
• Special characters for certain languages causing URL issues – fixed
• Home page category sorting and balanced columns – fixed
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