Weight Loss Tips to Help Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Weight Loss Tips to Help Keep New Year's Resolutions 2
Weight loss tips for New Year

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AN RAMON, Calif., Dec. 10, 2018  — According to a research, losing weight is consistently in the top three of most popular New Year Resolutions year after year. LeanMD, a technology-based solution and medically supported weight loss program that features a cutting-edge mobile app, and offers patients a way to lose weight safely and effectively, and its team of physicians have put together a list of tips to help anyone set reachable weight loss goals this new year and how to keep them!

“When one begins the journey toward weight loss, he or she should look for a program that will work for them,” said Dr. Mike Temkin, Physician and LeanMD Board Member. “It is important to learn what works best for his or her unique physiology, and how to eat without incessant counting.”

LeanMD put together a list of recommendations to help lose weight:

  • Find an easy to follow, flexible program that works for you! A weight loss program that is simple, safe and effective will be more manageable for the long term and will help you achieve your weight loss goals. The LeanMD mobile app provides an overview of the patient’s personal information; the ability to track their individual process; access to nutritional information; tips and strategies; menu planning and shopping; and exercise tracking.
  • Be mindful of your eating habits. Understanding the motivation behind your food choices can help you make more conscious decisions. Try and choose real, fresh food whenever possible – which will make your weight loss manageable for the long term.
  • Eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast tend to have lower BMI’s, perform better during the day, and end up eating less throughout the day.
  • Sleep well and avoid stress. Sleep deprivation and stress can increase your hunger and cravings leading to higher calorie intake.
  • Eat plenty of protein. Protein has powerful effects on appetite such as increasing the feeling of fullness, reducing hunger and can help you eat fewer calories.
  • Control your environments. Stocking your kitchen with healthy options, choosing the right restaurants, and bringing your own healthy snacks will help you avoid temptations and ultimately cut calories.
  • Track your progress. Documenting personal information and your individual process can help you stay on track toward your goals. Results are important to keep you motivated.

At the end of the day, Dr. Temkin adds: “It is important to find a weight loss program that works for you. A program that is easy to follow will be more manageable for the long term and will ultimately help you achieve your weight loss goals.”

Weight Loss Tips to Help Keep New Year's Resolutions 3
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